Carson School District teachers and all employees will get 1 percent raise |

Carson School District teachers and all employees will get 1 percent raise

Teri Vance
Fremont Elementary School third-grade teacher Lori Browning talks with her class during a writing lesson about point of view. The class read an article and had to decide if they agree or disagree with the author and support their position.
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After additional money was found in the budget during the audit process, Carson City School District officials determined it should be used to give a 1 percent pay increase to all employees.

“I’m really thrilled,” said Jose Delfin, associate superintendent of human resources. “We are putting our money not just where our mouth is, but our sweat and blood. Our kids and staff work extremely hard.”

Superintendent Richard Stokes said unspent funds from particular line items on the budget, such as the travel budget for school board members, was rolled out to create a pot for the pay raises.

“For one reason or another, people did not spend the money given to them,” Stokes said. “I think it’s a natural reaction in this economy for people to tighten their belts.”

For fiscal year 2014, $546,784 will be spent on the salary increases, with $591,165 being set aside for 2015.

As the district has continued to cut its expenses, this is the first raise for school district employees in four years.

“It was really nice to sit down and get a surprise like that,” said Brian Wallace, president of the Ormsby County Education Association. “We know we worked hard, and all of us are continuing to work even harder. It truly meant the world to almost everybody out there.”

The increase will be for the 2013-14 school year. Employees will receive retroactive pay on their Feb. 14 paycheck with an adjusted salary from there on.

Delfin, who presented the proposal to the school board Tuesday, said he was happy.

“It’s a great day to be able to increase salaries by 1 percent,” Delfin said. “I want to celebrate that and acknowledge all of the great work that has been done.”

School Board President Stacie Wilke said it was a testament to a unified district.

“It couldn’t have happened without everybody working together for the same goal,” she said. “It’s an amazing time right now in Carson City.”