Carson Station pays off loan, plans to reopen Grille |

Carson Station pays off loan, plans to reopen Grille

Carson Station owner Clark Russell said Wednesday he has paid off U.S. Bank and is planning to re-open The Station Grille across the street.

U.S. Bank filed a notice in March charging Carson Station was in default on its $2.6 million loan.

Russell said Wednesday the default notice has been taken care of.

“The bank has been paid off,” he said.

Not only has the default been paid off, he said he is planning to re-open the Station Grille across Carson Street from the hotel/casino in the next two to three months.

The Grille closed in November 2008 because of the economic recession, but Russell said at the time he intended to bring the restaurant back when possible.

He said plans will be announced in the near future for the Grille’s reopening.

The default notice was filed while Russell was trying to work out a conflict with the bank over terms of the loan. He made the announcement saying he wanted to assure employees and the community that Carson Station was in no danger of cutbacks or layoffs because of the filing.

Despite the impact of the recession, he said in March: “Our company’s assets far exceed our liabilities so this action by the bank will not affect our operation whatsoever.”

Russell said Wednesday that still is the case and Carson Station is open for business. He said he was making the announcement because, “there are rumors everywhere about everybody in bankruptcy.”

In addition to closing the Grille, he sold Pinon Plaza on Highway 50 to operators of the Gold Dust West casino chain.

The default resulted in his ending a 20-year relationship with U.S. Bank.

“We no longer have a banking relationship with U.S. Bank,” he said Wednesday.

He said in March he didn’t think the bank would have taken that action a few years ago.