Carson supervisors to start cutting $10 million |

Carson supervisors to start cutting $10 million

Sandi Hoover

Carson City officials are scheduled Thursday to take on the weighty job of cutting the city’s general fund by

$10 million.

To help mitigate the loss of jobs, city staff will propose new measures to help balance the budget. It recommends the following:

• Using $2 million of the Landfill Post Closure Fund which would leave $700,000 in the fund

• Reduce the general fund ending balance to 5 percent

• Reduce expenses by

$7.8 million

“The budget reduction measures were adopted by the board as the fiscal year 2011 Cutback Priority List, but there may be opportunities to achieve the same dollar reduction without eliminating some positions,” said City Manager Larry Werner in an agenda report.

Staff is recommending that the 2 percent salary reduction be pulled while other alternatives are considered.

These actions would create a balanced budget, although it would require the use of certain fund reserves, Werner said.

Supervisors also will be asked to schedule a joint meeting with the Carson City School Board.

Other items on the Thursday agenda include:

• A proclamation for April for “Child Abuse Prevention Month”

• As the Liquor and Entertainment Board, an action to approve Rajwant Sandhu as the liquor manager for Eagle Valley Market on Woodside Drive

• Review of the Carson City Operations Scorecard by consultant Linda Ritter and an announcement of a board workshop to develop a customer service scorecard to monitor the impact to customers as a result of the budget reductions

• As the Board of Health, hear a presentation by Carson City Health and Human Services Director Marena Works and programs and activities

• As the Board of Health, have a discussion and take possible action on using a National Association of Local Boards of Health-sponsored assessment tool to assess the city’s capacity to provide oversight of 10 essential public health services

• At 5:30 p.m., a presentation of applications for annual funding of Carson City Community Support Services, and action to allocate funds for fiscal year 2010-11

The Carson City Board of Supervisors meets at

8:30 a.m. Thursday in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center,

851 E. William St. Go to www. to download an agenda and a complete information packet.