Carson takes back 197 pounds of medications |

Carson takes back 197 pounds of medications


Carson City saw the largest haul of old or unused prescription drugs on Sept. 29, since round-ups of such drugs began here in 2010.The latest round-up netted 197 pounds of medications and 42 pounds of syringes, needles and other sharp medical objects for a combined total of 239 pounds.Carson City’s previous round-up, in April, collected 165 pounds of medications and 30 pounds of syringes.In the latest collection effort, “I noticed a lot more oxycodone and hydrocodone,” said Kathy Bartosz, executive director of Partnership Carson City. Oxycodone and Hydrocodone are in the same family as other opiates such as opium and heroin.Douglas County’s five collection sites netted a total of 146 pounds of medications; Yerington, 16 pounds; Storey County, eight pounds; Fernley and Dayton, 31 pounds, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The drugs are taken to Sacramento and incinerated, according to the DEA.