Carson woman gets at least 3 years in mayhem attack |

Carson woman gets at least 3 years in mayhem attack

The woman accused of mayhem for the injuries she inflicted on another woman in a 2011 fight in Carson City has been sentenced to at least three years in prison.

Brandi Mary Chapin pleaded no contest Tuesday to the charge, describing the Dec. 30, 2011, incident as “a very bad fight.”

She apologized but added that “I did not do everything I’ve been accused of.”

The victim suffered serious harm, including to her genitals, that required immediate surgery.

“The fight that happened was brutal and resulted in substantial bodily harm,” said Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger.

Chapin’s lawyer, Kay Ellen Armstrong, said Chapin expected she would go to prison for the offense, which she said resulted from a “love triangle” between the two women and a man with whom both were involved.

There was a large amount of alcohol involved, she said.

“She knew she had done something very afoul of the law,” Armstrong said.

The victim testified she still has physical problems from the damage and nightmares, and is in counseling.

“Addiction to drugs and alcohol is never an excuse,” said District Judge Todd Russell in imposing the sentence.

He ordered Chapin to spend three to 7½ years in prison, describing the attack as “a horrific crime.”