Carson’s seniors property may get property for expansion |

Carson’s seniors property may get property for expansion

staff reports

Transfer of nearly five acres of Bureau of Land Management property for Carson City’s senior center moved a step closer this past week.

U.S. Sen. Richard Bryan, D-Nev., said transfer of ownership from the bureau to Carson City was supported by bureau officials when it was discussed in a Senate subcommittee on Thursday.

The senator’s legislation would provide 4.48 acres of land adjacent to 901 Beverly Drive for the senior centers to expand.

“Carson City has seen an overwhelming increase in demand for senior services over the last four years,” said Bryan. “With a 40 percent increase in meals, service and activities, the senior center simply has to expand from its current size to accommodate growth.”

The plans for expansion include additional medical facilities and an assisted living residence. The bureau property, which is located immediately to the east of the senior center, is vacant, but was a vehicle and ware yard for the bureau’s Carson City field office.

When it was learned that the bureau would be leaving the premises, city officials asked for Bryan’s help in securing the property from the federal government.

“I’m encouraged that the officials with the Bureau of Land Management were very supportive of our efforts,” Bryan said. “Since transportation can be especially difficult for many seniors, I am grateful that we could come together on this issue in an effort to provide the area’s senior population with the support and services they deserve, close to home.”

The bill was moved through the committee on Thursday, and will next be voted on by the full Senate.