Catalyst grant brings safe manufacturer to Nevada |

Catalyst grant brings safe manufacturer to Nevada

The Economic Development board Thursday approved a $1.1 million grant from the state’s business Catalyst Fund to bring Cannon Safe, along with up to 275 jobs, to Southern Nevada.

The company pays an average of more than $18 an hour, CEO Aaron Baker said.

“We are at that point of where are we going, are we coming to Nevada or are we going to Texas,” he told the board headed by Gov. Brian Sandoval. He said the Catalyst Fund money would ensure that the company would come to Henderson “starting tomorrow.”

Baker said the company is committed to getting out of California, where it has operated for nearly 50 years, because of that state’s business climate.

While the business began by making safes — from personal-size models to large security vaults built into buildings such as banks — it since has expended into personal security products and a wide range of other products.

The company plans a 100,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility. The Catalyst money will be used to help with construction costs and equipment purchases.