Catmandu purchases its facility |

Catmandu purchases its facility

Nevada Appeal staff report
Catmandu volunteers Bridgette McKnight and Cliff Stehlin flank owner Linda Buchanan at their Brown St. Address in Carson City.
Brad Coman | Nevada Appeal

Catmandu has announced its purchased its facility at 1829 Brown Street in Carson City. After four years of leasing the cage-free shelter, Catmandu has purchased the facility.

Founder Linda Buchanan hopes to eventually expand the services offered at Catmandu to include a kitten nursery and more options for feral cats.

Inspired by the plight of a homeless cat she named “Carson,” Buchanan opened Catmandu to provide shelter for cats and kittens living on the streets. Catmandu and Carson enjoyed five years together until his sudden passing on March 15. Carson’s legacy lives on at Catmandu.

Catmandu provides a home-like atmosphere where cats can roam freely and mingle with one another and their human caregivers. This low stress environment allows them to recover from the trauma of being abandoned and become loving, adoptable kitties. A separate building caters to kittens under 4 months old.

Catmandu helps cats from all areas of Nevada as long as space is available. We’re often the only option to cats coming from outlying rural counties with no rescue facilities. Since March of 2014, more than 1,100 cats and kittens have received shelter and assistance at Catmandu. With enough community support, thousands more will benefit in the future.

Catmanud is a non-profit organization supported almost entirely by donations. If you would like to help the cause, become a “Friend of Catmandu” for just $25 per year. This small annual donation reflects the philosophy if everyone gives just a little, it will add up to enough. As a Friend of Catmandu you’ll receive a window cling decal and quarterly issues of “The Chronicles of Catmandu,” as well as the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of homeless cats and kittens.

Additionally, please support Catmandu on Thursday during the Nevada Big Give Campaign; The organization sincerely appreciates the assistance it has received. For more information or to become a Friend of Catmandu, visit or call 775-297-3419.