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Censured Rep. Rangel says he still loves Congress

NEW YORK (AP) – U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel returned to his home turf in the city’s Harlem neighborhood on Saturday, saying he still loves Congress – despite a showdown with colleagues over ethics violations that led to his censure by the House.

“I have not lost my ability to love the Congress and to love this country,” the 80-year-old Democrat told reporters at Harlem Hospital, where a crowd at a town hall meeting gave him a standing, cheering ovation as he entered.

Dapper in a dark suit and tie, Rangel appeared confident and as defiant as ever about the allegations that led to his public scolding Thursday.

When asked whether he would ever specifically address the 11 ethics charges of which a House subcommittee found him guilty, he cited the website of the House Ethics Committee, saying it shows that “Charles Rangel is not guilty of corruption or self-enrichment.”