Chamber News & Views: Holiday ornaments create sense of history |

Chamber News & Views: Holiday ornaments create sense of history

Ronni Hannaman
The 2016 Carson City ornament features the historic Brougher-Bath Mansion, 204 W. Spear Street, built in 1904 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
Ronni Hannaman |

Even before this year’s attempt to get each and every resident #CarsonProud, the 2003 Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee (RACC) thought producing a Christmas ornament would be a fun way to create awareness for this city’s history while creating a collector’s item to be passed through generations.

The committee chose the iconic Nevada State Museum and Laxalt Building to begin the series of the now 15 ornaments in the collection. This was the only year two ornaments were produced and the Laxalt building sold out.

Other ornaments produced over the years were Saint Peter’s Church (04), Bliss Mansion (05), Capitol Building (06), St. Teresa Church (07), Governor’s Mansion (08), St. Charles Hotel (09), V&T Depot (10), Presbyterian Church (11), First United Methodist Church (12), Civic Auditorium (13), Carson City Central School (14), Nevada State Prison (15) and this year’s addition of the Brougher-Bath Mansion.

With the exception of the Carson City Central School, most of these iconic historic structures still stand in the historic west side and can be viewed when walking along the Kit Carson Blue Line Trail. Each structure has an interesting historic tale.

With the exception of the sold out Laxalt Building and Capitol Building ornaments, all others are still available for purchase to begin or complete a collection that will be valued by all who receive them.

The ornaments — past and present — are sold for $15 each and can be purchased at the Chamber Artisan Shop and the Purple Avocado. The silver-colored ornaments are beautifully packaged and need to be seen to appreciate the attention to detail.

Create a sense of history for your tree this year and give an ornament as a hostess gift during the holidays.