Chamber News & Views: The ultimate deadline: Nevada Day! |

Chamber News & Views: The ultimate deadline: Nevada Day!

Ronni Hannaman
308 N. Curry St., is projected to be open by the end of the year. Formerly the CitiBank Building, this complex will feature upscale apartments, offices, retail and restaurants and be the anchor for the redevelopment of Curry Street that will begin in 2018.
Ronni Hannaman |

If you are going to plan a grand opening, complete a building, or have some other major announcement in our city that may occur in the fall, you set a deadline to complete your project around Nevada Day.

That’s seemingly the drop-dead date for anything you want to get noticed. It’s the time for the Nevada Day festivities where all of Carson City will be in town to enjoy the grandest parade in all of Nevada to celebrate statehood and new beginnings. When a new business opens, that’s certainly a new beginning.

“When will your project be finished,” you ask? Nine times out of 10 the answer is “sometime in October before Nevada Day!” It’s almost as though it is a good luck omen to complete a project by Nevada Day. Plus, with thousands of people coming downtown to enjoy the annual festivities, it’s a no-brainer to be able to show off during this popular and much anticipated weekend event.

We’re expecting a new restaurant between Copper Point Plaza and the Carson Mall to announce its grand opening in mid-October. Also at the mall, a new catering business is expected to open before Nevada Day inside the former Charley’s Grilled Subs. At the south end of the Mall, Chipotle may be open in time for you to enjoy their famous burritos on Nevada Day. The owner of 401 N. Carson St. — now under complete interior and exterior renovation — expects to have his apartments and ground-floor store open sometime in October “around Nevada Day.” The Union restaurant will have its back patio area finished sometime in September — yes, all set to go before Nevada Day.

The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation major project — the former CitiBank building now under construction — won’t be quite finished by Nevada Day, but is expected to finish soon thereafter.

If you recall, last year’s timetable for the completion of most of the redevelopment of the downtown centered around the drop- dead Nevada Day deadline. This year, you’ll see even more revitalization that has taken place since Nevada Day last year as property owners have been busily sprucing up their exteriors to match the new downtown.