Charcoal sets off explosion in Carson home |

Charcoal sets off explosion in Carson home


A explosion Thursday in an East Carson City home’s garage is being attributed to burning barbecue charcoal placed near two aerosol cans, a fire official said.

The residence in the 1100 block of Gambrel Drive in the Quail Run Senior Resort suffered damage to the garage door, burned drywall and caused smoke damage to materials when the cans exploded.

Homeowner Ruby Mizell will have to spend about $500 in repairs, said Battalion Chief Ed Young. No one was hurt.

“It blew one corner of the garage door off and broke some glass,” he said. “Luckily, she didn’t have much stuff in the garage, so the damage didn’t spread.”

Young said the explosion, which occurred about 10:40 a.m., was the result of some charcoal that was placed in tinfoil in close proximity to two paint cans. Mizell said she thought the charcoal was fully extinguished.

“Being in the confined space, the charcoal heated up enough to cause the material in the cans to expand,” Young said.

Mizell was not home at the time of the blast.

Mizell said she was a bit shaken up when she heard about what had happened, but her primary concern was the welfare of her cat.

“That’s the first thing I asked about,” she said. “So they came in and found him.”

Two Carson City fire engines and one ambulance were on hand to ensure the fire did not start again. Firefighters were able to leave within an hour.