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Cheers & Kudos

Thank you from The Salvation ArmyI would like to thank each one of our generous donors that made our ministry at the Vietnam War Memorial Wall possible. At the Battle Born Days, Vietnam War Memorial Wall Display and Nevada Day celebrations from Oct. 24-28, The Salvation Army was able to supply coffee, water, lemonade, doughnuts and spiritual support to both those involved as volunteers and to those who attended the events. We served more than a 1,000 individuals because of community organizations like Smith’s, Raley’s, Costco, Hostess Cake, doughnuts to Go, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Dominoes Pizza, Arby’s and Carl’s Jr. as well as a few individuals that donated money to our efforts.The Salvation Army had a coffee and donut booth and a chapel set up right across from the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. Many of the vets and family members saw our tables and chapel as a get-away from the emotional experience at the Wall. We had opportunities to talk with and pray for many of those who have served our country so faithfully. This kind of community service can only be done because of a giving community and The Salvation Army wants to thank each of these organizations for their generous support.Lt. Mark CyrCarson CitySlobbery thank you to Nevada Day committeeSaints of the West Rescue and Sierra Nevada Mini’s of Big Dogs and Mini Coopers would like to give a big, slobbery thank you to the Nevada Day Committee and all the hard-working volunteers for their efforts in making the whole Nevada Day experience another great success.We also thank all the announcer stations along the parade for their positive comments on our entry and the people that came to see the Saints and Tanks.We also thank Big Dog Sportswear for their contribution of our parade T-shirts through their Big Dog Cares Program supporting big dog breed rescues, like Saints of the West Rescue.Thank you to all the great people who come to the parade every year to celebrate Nevada and all the parade participants. Also, please consider rescue first when adding a pet member to your family!Lisa M. HelgetCarson City