Cheers & Kudos June 14 |

Cheers & Kudos June 14

Thanks to those who helped with Silver State prom

Silver State High School held a prom for all of the students. It took a lot of planning and a lot of patience for it to all happen.

The night was a success and we couldn’t have done it without all of the students, teachers, and sponsors that helped out with it. The outcome was a total of 70 students attending. They had prizes, raffles and a balloon drop.

We would like to thank the students on the committee: Cassandra Carter, Dylan Comeau, Mariah Martinez, Sofia Press, Mary Coker, Gaige Dienes, and Alicia McKnight and to the teachers. Mrs. Shek, Mrs. Pennington, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Bushmen and Mrs. Press.

A special thanks to the sponsors who donated: E-Zee mini storage, Hymer Storage, B&B yard maint, Lorraine Baldwin Family Trust, Julius Bunkowski Donation, Fred’s Trucking co., Kim Coker, Robert Simpson, Mary Simpson, Jonathan Bauter DDS, Surviving Seconds, Positive Energy, Peggy Reed, Port of subs, John Perwowski, 702 Skate and Snow, Spear me, Russell’s Mercantile, and SSHS. Thank you for making this all happen!

Cassandra Carter

Student at Silver State

High School