Cheryl Macy named teacher of year |

Cheryl Macy named teacher of year

Teri Vance
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

In a recent conversation with her students about career choices, Carson High School English teacher Cheryl Macy told them she was lucky to have found her ideal profession.

“I don’t dread Monday mornings,” she told them. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Her enthusiasm was recognized this week when she was named Educator of the Year for the Carson City School District.

“She’s a stellar, effective teacher and just a superb mediator in dealing with parents and working with administrators,” said Carl Henry, vice principal. “And she does all of these things with a smile and kind words. She’s a positive beacon in our school.”

Henry and Macy first met when she was a student at the high school and he was a teacher. After graduating in 1989, she went on to get her teaching degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

“I love literature, and I love writing and I love people,” she said. “It seemed like the best combination of all that.”

She had intended to only do her student teaching at Carson High School, but during that time decided to stay.

“I loved the school, I loved the environment, I loved the administrators and the other teachers.”

Nine years ago, she married her friend from high school, Jason, who also teaches English at Carson High.

Macy has served the past five years as the head of the high school’s language arts department and oversaw the schoolwide adoption of the senior project as a graduation requirement.

Henry said, “There’s no single person at Carson High School that’s been more important to the success of the senior project than Cheryl Macy.”

Working with all the seniors as part of the projects, she said, has been a pleasure for her.

“Despite what some people think, teenagers are compassionate, noble people if you give them a chance,” she said. “They laugh a lot, and as a result, I get to laugh a lot.”

She will step down as the department head at the end of this year, however, to focus on getting a master’s degree and spend more time with her children, Rosalind, 7, and Sawyer, 3.

She said she was stunned to have been chosen by the district committee as Educator of the Year from among the nominees from each school.

“I honestly wish every teacher could receive that accolade,” she said. “They all work very hard where the same goal is to educate children.”