Chicks make surprise arrival |

Chicks make surprise arrival

Teri Vance

When students left their Kids Klub preschool Thursday, the half-dozen eggs that had been in their classroom for nearly a month were still there.

They arrived Friday morning to a surprise.

Three of the eggs had cracked open to reveal tiny, down-covered chicks.

“I thought they didn’t hatch yet,” said Courtney Anderson, 5. But she was happy to see that they had. “They’re cute.”

Lisa Marcusson, director of the city-sponsored Kids Klub, said the chicks brought to life the lessons students were learning in the classroom.

“We’re studying oviparous animals,” she said. “This is the culminating lesson on the study we’ve had on animals that hatch from eggs.”

In another corner was a net hanging from the ceiling where butterflies went through the stages of metamorphosis.

“I do my best to do a lot of hands-on activities for this age group,” Marcusson said. “A lot of enrichment activities to get them prepared for school.”

Laura Bennett, 4, learned about the egg-hatching process from beginning to end.

“Well, they take their time to hatch,” she explained. “Then we have a baby chick. So now that they’re here, we can try to pet them and feed them.”

And there’s more to come.

“There’s one egg that has holes in it just now,” said Bryce Lehmann, 5. “That means it’s going to hatch. Maybe not tomorrow, but the next day.”

The chickens will either be sent to a suitable home in Carson City or returned to Nancy’s Green Barn Farm in Dayton.