Children in Carson need community donations |

Children in Carson need community donations

by F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer

Unless more money is raised for the Christmas with a Cop shopping spree on Thursday, Carson City children who qualify for the school district’s Kids in Transition program will receive $25 less than their counterparts last year did.

“We didn’t pull in as much money, but I did get in about $2,000. It just wasn’t as much as I anticipated,” said Jeannette Famoso, coordinator for Kids in Transition.

The spree on Thursday will benefit 125 middle school and high school students in the city who are deemed as being in need.

Busloads of kids will arrive at Wal-Mart at 9 a.m., and two students will be appointed either a deputy or other law enforcement or civilian volunteer who will help them spend their gift certificate. The students are allowed to purchase whatever age-appropriate items they wish, and then volunteers wrap the gifts for them. Wal-Mart waives the sales tax for the event.

Karson Kruzers car club has signed on to provide lunch for the children.

Famoso said that if businesses can’t pitch in with cash donations, perhaps they can purchase gift wrap for the event, or even provide a volunteer to attend the event and help with gift wrapping.

The Kids in Transition program serves children living in motels, hotels, campgrounds, vehicles and tents, as well as those living with grandparents or families doubling up in a single home. There are usually about 400-450 the program services each year.

To donate, call Famoso at 690-1303, or leave a donation for the Kids in Transition program, to her attention at 604 W. Musser St.

Famoso said she is also hoping the community will help in raising gifts for teens who don’t qualify for the Kids in Transition program, but who will nonetheless have a barren Christmas.

“They are going to be without anything under the Christmas tree, if they have a tree,” she said.

Those items can be dropped off at Famoso’s 604 W. Musser St. on Dec. 19-21 in room 2.

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