Chris Carver re-enters Carson City mayor’s race |

Chris Carver re-enters Carson City mayor’s race

Chris Carver is back in the race for Carson City mayor.

Carver entered the race March 18, the final day for filing by non-judicial candidates.

But he withdrew on March 25.

“What happened was I started working 20 hour days,” he said. “I wore myself out. I thought about it and was pretty sick and probably couldn’t serve the voters well if I kept on at this pace.”

But Carver said during that weekend, he started feeling a lot better. So he re-entered the race on Monday.

“I started getting calls from folks saying if I don’t run, they didn’t have a choice,” he said. “So I’m going to take better care of myself and probably run at a slower pace.”

He said he’s 55 and a disabled veteran.

“I’m not 20 and some of this requires the stamina of a 20 year old,” Carver said. “I’m going to do a good job rather than a fast job.”

Under state law, candidates can rescind their withdrawal from a race if they do so within seven working days after the close of filing. Carver beat that deadline by one day.

Carver is one of three candidates challenging incumbent Bob Crowell’s bid for a third term in office. The other two are Kurt Meyer and Jerry Cinani.