Christmas flowers bring cheer to patients |

Christmas flowers bring cheer to patients

Carson-Tahoe Hospital patients got a dose of Christmas cheer Friday when a Carson City couple brought in poinsettia plants for 53 patients.

Janet Henshaw and Richard Doke thought it a nice gesture to give something unique to those who may not be in the best of spirits. And then it dawned on them as they stood in the SuperKmart store among hundreds of poinsettias.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling to be able to bring a little joy to their holidays,” he said. “We figured it’s a place where people are away from their families, away from home, and it helps to get something to brighten up the day.”

When the idea came to them at the Kmart, Henshaw and Doke cut a deal with the manager, who was happy to give them a discount when she heard where the plants were going.

“It must have cost hundreds,” said hospital marketing coordinator Richard Linkul. “It came out of the blue. What a nice gesture.”

Doke said the idea turned out so well that they intend to make it a yearly tradition.