Chrysler’s ad plans irks Rep. Dean Heller |

Chrysler’s ad plans irks Rep. Dean Heller

Rep. Dean Heller has protested the decision by Chrysler Corporation to advertise during the Super Bowl.

Heller sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner objecting to the company’s plans because it has received $15.5 billion in taxpayer bailout funding to keep the company from bankruptcy.

“Advertising time during the Super Bowl is some of the most costly time to purchase,” his letter to Geithner says. “While this high cost is directly related to the tremendous number of viewers and venue that the event provides, I wanted to express concern about a company such as Chrysler, which has needed billions of taxpayer dollars to remain solvent, purchasing this time.”

He said 30 second ads during the Super Bowl cost up to $2.8 million. He said advertising during that game is “extravagant considering the taxpayer assistance needed by the company.”

Heller asked Geithner to urge the company to reconsider.