CHS president aims for unity |

CHS president aims for unity

Maria Urbina

Dear fellow students,

Through my high school years, I’ve been highly involved in clubs and student government. Being involved has given me the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy high school and what it has to offer. Since this is my last year in office, I feel that it’ll be the most memorable. I hope to fully finish reaching out to those who I haven’t really touched yet. Since my freshman year, I have tried — with the help of my classmates — to leave a legacy at Carson High. I hope finish that with my last term in office.

My goals for this year entail promoting and helping with the unity of our school. I want to promote diversity and raise the amount of authentic youth engagement in our school while advocating a youth voice. Oh yes, how can I forget, having fun while I take care of business.

Although I won’t solve all the problems at Carson High and don’t expect that of myself, I know that I can at least touch one person. If I have at least touched one, I have done my job because caring is truly contagious. It’s like a domino action, if you will. If I genuinely touch someone, then that will trigger a domino action for them to touch someone else. Not only do I have the heart for this position, but I am also a hard-working individual who has put school as one of my main priorities.

What I expect from you guys is honesty and participation. If any of you feel I am not meeting the needs of our student body, you should respectfully call me on it. I hope that with having open relationships, we can generate more youth taking pride in our school, and more student involvement. I hope you understand that I am not asking you to join every club at club fair but to get involved in something you have a passion for. Whether it be clubs, sports, academics or service, just get involved. It will help your high school years be more exciting. I hope you all know that I am here for you, to support your functions, activities, fairs or competitions. I hope that it can be two-way street.

I’d like to leave everyone with a quote from a very inspirational woman in my life, Maya Angelou:

“Because of our routine we forget that life is an ongoing adventure.”

That’s right, don’t get caught up in the little perfunctory things that we must do. Enjoy life and enjoy these four years because we never get them back.

I hope to do a great job this year with the help of the rest of the student body officers, Mrs. Stoddard, and most importantly all of you.


Maria Urbina