Church bell dedicated at St. Teresa |

Church bell dedicated at St. Teresa

Teri Vance
Father Chuck Durante addresses the crowd gathered at St. Teresa's Wednesday evening.
Brad Coman | Nevada Appeal

The chiming of the bell at St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church is call to action to those who worship there, said Father Chuck Durante.

“Bells have a special place in the life of God’s people,” he said. “The peal of bells marks the hours for prayer and calls us to the celebration of the liturgy; bells alert us to important events, both happy and sad, in the life of the church and the community.”

His remarks opened the ceremony Wednesday evening to dedicate the 19th century bell that has sat silent for more than a decade.

“Let us, then, participate devoutly in this celebration,” he said, “so that whenever we hear the ringing of the bells, we will remember that we are one family, coming together to show our unity in Christ.”

The 1,000-pound bell was transferred last year to the church on 3000 N. Lompa Lane from the old site at 511 W. King St., which now is the Brewery Arts Center.

The bell, after being restored, has sat in a vestibule inside the church for the past year as the tower where it’s now housed was being constructed.

The bell from the Troy Bell Foundry in New York was installed, according to a church history, after the third church was built at the King Street site in 1871.

The first church built there in 1860 reportedly blew down in 1862 and a second built in 1865 served the small community until 1870, when it was torn down.

Father Durante offered up a blessing on the bell and its tower.

“Accept this space and bell into your service again,” he said. “May its voice direct our hearts toward you and prompt us to come gladly to this church, there to experience the presence of Christ, listen to your word, offer you our prayers, both in joy and in sorrow be friends to one another.”

Nearly 200 people attended Wednesday’s dedication ceremony, and applauded at the conclusion when the bell was rung.

The bell will ring every hour from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and five minutes before Mass.