City manager could earn up to $19,500 bonus |

City manager could earn up to $19,500 bonus

Amanda Hammon, Appeal Staff Writer

Carson City Manager John Berkich has the ability to earn a $19,500 bonus through his work on 10 goals outlined by the Board of Supervisors on Thursday.

Berkich, who has served in the city’s top administrative position since 1990 and has a salary of $99,000 a year, has the ability to earn $7,000 for promoting economic development in the community.

Other goals and their incentives are:

— $2,000 each for moving along construction of the Carson City freeway, work on storm drainage, homeland security and public communications and relations.

Supervisor Pete Livermore suggested the public relations goal be raised in incentive from $1,000 after noting that last year’s “Fuji Park was a public relations fiasco.”

— $1,000 each for a regional and Carson City telecommunications strategic plan, the public safety master plan and utility rate study.

— $500 for work on the Mental Health Coalition.

Berkich’s contract with the city expired in February. City supervisors postponed for two weeks approving a three-year contract with Berkich due to concerns over the size of his severance package.

Supervisor Richard Staub argued six months severance pay and benefits — over $50,0000 — were too much to pay for a terminated employee. Berkich, who said he has no plans to move on, said the severance is modest and isn’t “anything not earned over time. “

“It does give myself some level of transition,” he said. “I assume it’s never going to happen, but that’s how I approach life, very positively.”

City leaders gave him two weeks to compare the severance package to others in the area.