City votes to revise HUD funding plans |

City votes to revise HUD funding plans

Jill Lufrano

Carson City plans to allocate $214,000 in Housing and Urban Development funds for a water system to feed an eastside area for future economic development and speed the development of affordable housing.

After first considering a list of other projects at a meeting Thursday, supervisors instead approved an amended proposal to remove funding for the Blue Line Trail, a downtown wireless network and a revolving loan program for entrepreneurs, officials said Friday.

After debating the decision on how to spend $536,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds, the board decided to alter an original list and spend money to develop the city’s eastside infrastructure.

Mayor Ray Masayko and Richard Staub were against funding the three projects.

“The process that took place yesterday was excellent,” said Joe McCarthy, city Economic Development and Redevelopment director.

“That’s what HUD’s looking for: the community’s designed their capital projects to serve the lower-income population,” he added.

The city will forward the final list of projects to HUD for approval.

They will be reimbursed after each is completed during the year, McCarthy said.

Carson City will also oversee each project by doing paperwork and data entry and evaluations.

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