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Answering questions for the beginning computer user

Q. I have lost the top margin in Microsoft Word. Printing starts at the very top left corner of the page even though I have it set in Page Setup for 1.5 inches. Can this be fixed?

A. Yes, it can. You have to be in Print view to fix it so, open your Word program, click on the View menu at the top of the screen and then click on Print Layout.

Next, click on the Tools menu, click on Options, and then click on the View tab. Under the Print and Web Layout options, check the box next to “White space between pages,” and then click OK.

If the above option is not available in your version of Word, you can change the default template to suit your preferences. For information on how to do this, go to the following Web site and click on “Change the normal template ( “”

Q. I occasionally like to refer back to e-mails I have received in the past, but finding them is a real pain. Does Outlook Express have a search feature?

A. Yes, but it is called Find. Open Outlook Express, click on the Inbox folder, click on the Edit menu at the top of the screen, click on Find and then click on Message.

In the Find Message box, type a key word (from the message you want to find) in any of the fields and then click the Find Now button. The e-mail should appear in the section below showing which folder it is in and the date received.

If you know who the e-mail was from, you can also find the message by sorting the From column. Just click on the From heading to have the sender’s names sorted alphabetically. You can change it back to the original default setting by clicking on the Received heading.

Q. I have problems finding stuff on the page that comes up when I get on the Internet. What do all those little icons mean? And, how does one use the tabs? I find them confusing.

A. If you are using Internet Explorer, an explanation of the Icons can be found by taking the tour of Internet Explorer 7 at the Microsoft Web site. Log onto the Internet then type the following Web address in the address box;” When the page appears, click on Take a tour under the “Everyday Tasks Made Easier” heading. On the window that appears, click on each of the Icons at the bottom for information and then use the arrow at the side to navigate forward.

When you are finished with the tour and back at the beginning page, click on Using quick tabs under the “Get Internet Explorer 7 help” heading to learn how to manage the tabs.

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