Club advocates support for renewable energy ballot measure in Nevada |

Club advocates support for renewable energy ballot measure in Nevada

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club announced its support for a ballot initiative promoting clean energy in the state.

The ballot initiative, called “The Renewable Energy Promotion Initiative,” would amend the Nevada Constitution to require electric suppliers provide at least 50 percent of their total electricity from renewable sources, like wind, solar and geothermal, by the year 2030. Supporters are currently gathering the 112,544 signatures needed to put the initiative on the ballot in November.

“In the 2017 state legislature Sierra Club members and supporters showed up in force at the state Capitol to give our legislators the message loud and clear that Nevadans demand more clean energy,” said Anne Macquarie, chair of the Sierra Club Toiyabe (Nevada) Chapter. “We have never had as many Sierra Club members in the halls of the state legislature. Yet the centerpiece bill to increase the percentage of electricity sold in Nevada to 80 percent renewable by 2040 was vetoed by Governor Sandoval. We can’t let this happen again. This ballot initiative will let the people of Nevada show our strong support for renewable energy and a healthy environment. We plan to do everything we can to support the Renewable Energy Promotion Initiative and work for its passage.”

The Sierra Club said the path to a sustainable energy future includes maximizing the benefits of renewable energy and reducing reliance on non-renewable fuels, along with energy conservation and energy efficiency. It said one of the goals of the initiative is to allow Nevada to take maximum advantage of its homegrown and abundant clean energy resources, rather than using polluting, out-of-state coal and gas to power our homes and businesses.

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