Commentary: Carson Democrats open letter to Sen. Heller |

Commentary: Carson Democrats open letter to Sen. Heller

Donna Curtis

Dear Sen. Dean Heller,

Congratulations on your election to the U.S. Senate. We wish you the best of luck representing all Nevadans.

During your campaign, you emphasized ending partisanship in Washington, D.C. So, I read with interest your comments following the election as they appeared in the Nevada Appeal on Nov. 7. You said, “The only way we are going to pass law in the United States Congress is for Republicans and Democrats to sit together and solve (problems)”.

In the article, you mention Speaker of the House John Boehner’s comments following the election that he would consider a deal … that would include raising taxes. Meantime, President Obama also said immediately following his re-election, that everything is on the table. Sounds good to me!

But do you mean it really? President Obama said that he would not solve the deficit problems on the backs of the middle class, seniors and students. You believe Boehner’s comments referred to the Simpson-Bowles Plan which included cutting tax rates of the rich and getting new revenue through tax loopholes. This plan also includes billions of spending cuts.

We don’t know what these are but could it include the middle class taxpayers losing their deductions on health and mortgage costs? My husband is a three-war veteran with 25 years in the military. We understand one of the cuts is with TriCare, the health insurance for retired military … that was promised to veterans when they joined the service. What else is in that plan that will hurt the American people? Will you fight to help the middle class? Sounds good to me!

The question is: Will you live up to the promises you made to Nevadans or take orders from your party leadership and outside interests? Many voters believed you when you told us you were an “Independent Nevadan”. If you don’t plan to change your positions on these matters, this doesn’t sound like getting together to me. What about the Norquist anti-tax pledge? Are you and your fellow Congressmen going to rescind that pledge? Sounds good to me!

Recently, Newt Gingrich said on the “View” program that the reason Mitt Romney lost was because, “the Republicans fundamentally misunderstood the American people.”

Yes you did!

Sen. Heller, even if your “familiarity with the Nevada voters” is the reason why you won in a state where President Obama also won, you didn’t win by much. During your campaign, you took many positions that were fundamentally not wanted by the American people. Have you come to your senses to see that a Medicare Voucher System makes no rational sense? How about looking at a compromise that will include enforcing the borders but also supports some form of the Dream Act?

How about Barbara Vucanovich, the 91-year-old Matriarch of the Nevada Republican Party who reportedly told Mrs. Romney when meeting her in Las Vegas that she worked for Planned Parenthood and that they should get the whole issue of Women’s Rights off the table and concentrate on getting jobs. Sounds good to me!

As president of the Carson City Democratic Women’s Club, I have been authorized to tell you and all of our representatives that we will work with you to prevent going over the “fiscal cliff”. But you and your Congressional colleagues in return must also demonstrate the courage and willingness to engage with the opposition. We have done this before in our history and we can do it again. But it does require bi-partisan cooperation and resolve. We, as hard workers for the Democrats, will encourage our leaders to do the same.

I look forward to your response. You are all always welcome to come to one of our meetings, the second Saturday of the month. Please call our Headquarters 841-3367 and we will make arrangements to hear from you in person, when that will work with your schedule.

•-Donna Curtis is the president of Carson City’s Democratic Women’s Club.