Commentary: Yes vote benefits entire community |

Commentary: Yes vote benefits entire community

Glade Myler

I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Farmer’s editorial in the Sunday edition on Oct. 14. His columns always reflect the conservative, no-taxes mindset with little concern for the need for progress and betterment of our community and state.

Perhaps he has not traveled enough to see other capital cities similar to Carson City and see how they have progressed and improved. For example, Helena, Mont., has improved its downtown area from a collection of old, seedy buildings and hotels to refurbished old buildings and blocked off streets with a brick walkway through a large section of the downtown with new business establishments and commerce, which has brought many new dollars into the city’s economy.

Mr. Farmer’s opposition to CC1 is misplaced. In order to progress and to attract more businesses and tourists to the area, a government must invest something in the area with redevelopment funding and other sources to accomplish that goal. It seems that his opposition is only centered in “fiscal responsibility.” It is fiscally irresponsible to not attempt to better the community to make it more attractive to investors and tourists and those who will spend money in our area. I think he should change the name of his group from “Grandpas for fiscal responsibility” to “Grandpas for mediocrity and decay.” I suppose he would say that we should continue to be content with mediocrity in the education of our children and grandchildren rather than encourage them to grasp the best programs we can sensibly give them in order for them to excel in today’s difficult world.

One visit to the new library in Helena will convince him that his position is only mean-spirited and self-serving. With the extra revenue the city of Helena is bringing in as a result of their efforts at redevelopment, they have built a showcase library where children and adults alike enjoy visiting with its enhanced atmosphere for learning, even though they also have a college there with a fine library and a state library. But what Mr. Farmer forgets is that those libraries have a different function than do community libraries. Get you facts straight, sir.

Like many other people, I do not like to pay more taxes either, but there has to be a happy medium somewhere between fiscal irresponsibility in not raising some fees and taxes and fiscal responsibility toward the community as a whole. I do not want Nevada to become like New Jersey, where my son pays $1,200 a month in property taxes, but if the project will benefit us all, I support it.

May we all work for our main goal to go forward responsibly but not to overburden everyone. A vote for CC1 is not just for a library but is for a more business and tourist friendly Carson City.

• Glade Myler is a Carson City resident.