Community gathers for prayer |

Community gathers for prayer


As 8-year-old Stephanie Kulla began singing the National Anthem, a blanket of quiet fell over the Carson City Community Center on Wednesday evening. Her soft, young voice carried each note to the audience’s ears, as people gathered to agree in prayer, to Pray 9-11.

Since February, the Carson City Ministerial Association has led the community in monthly prayer sessions on the 11th day of each of those months. Showing no boundaries, they met in a different church each month with a number of pastors on hand. One was held on a school campus.

The culmination of the effort was Wednesday’s community-wide Pray 9-11 at the community center.

There were prayers for the victims, their families, friends, firefighters, police officers, emergency service workers of all kinds. All heroes and all loved, lost in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“I’m excited and reflective at the same time,” said Rev. Pat Propster. “In the respect we’re hopeful, we’ll never get away from why we’re doing this tonight.

“Americans are strong when we’re united. The most united we’re going to be is in prayer tonight.”

Rev. Brian Cuthill prayed for the United States, and for people to seek God on behalf of the country. As Cuthill called for the audience of 400 to form prayer circles, the people were not timid. The auditorium was abuzz with prayer.

“Evil will fail, righteousness and faith will prevail,” said Cuthill.

Rev. Ben Fleming prayed for Carson City, for its leaders, and to commit them in service to God.

And while the music was performed and the audience sang, “I could sing of your love forever,” they began to sway and thrust their arms upward in praise of God. Their voices increased in volume with each chorus.

Rev. Lary Rothchild commented this was an event he hopes won’t ever have to be repeated.

While the screen at the back of the stage showed video of Ground Zero and people from all walks of life, the accompanying song was, “We Need God in America Again,” which brought shouts and whistles and great applause.

“Go ahead, clap some more, get busy,” Propster encouraged.

Young children, young adults, the middle-aged and senior citizens gathered in a common goal of prayer Wednesday evening.

“We felt like we had to be here,” said Liz Ashby of Carson City. “We will continue our prayers for the people.”

Ashby and her husband, Gary, also attended the afternoon ceremony at the Capitol.

“A lot of people don’t realize what has happened,” said Gary. “It hasn’t hit them yet.”

“The only hope for America is Jesus,” said Propster. “Let’s do what we’ve got to do here. Let’s take care of business, let’s roll.”