Congressional Democrats name Titus regional whip |

Congressional Democrats name Titus regional whip

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Freshman Dina Titus has been named one of two regional whips by her colleagues in the House of Representatives.

Titus won the seat by defeating three-term incumbent Republican Jon Porter this month. She has been Nevada Senate Minority Leader for a decade prior to winning the third district seat in the Nevada delegation.

“I look forward to the opportunity to work with Whip (James) Clyburn to move forward a legislative agenda that takes Nevada and our nation in a new direction by creating jobs and getting our economy back on track,” she said.

The job of a whip is to build consensus among party and other House members to support legislative proposals. The Democratic caucus is divided into 12 regions, each with at least one whip. Nevada, along with Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, is in Region 5 where Titus is one of two regional whips.