Construction firm asks parents to keep kids away from site |

Construction firm asks parents to keep kids away from site

staff reports

Frehner Construction Co. is asking families living near construction areas for Carson City’s bypass to keep children safely away.

“The kids are our greatest concern. As soon as school gets out, the kids are there waiting to come across,” Frehner Project Manager Randy Evans said. “The right of way has been the playground for many local children. Safety for the public as well as for our employees is a top priority for Frehner. We would like the community to get involved in helping to educate the local children of the dangers that are associated with construction sites.”

Frehner is preparing the right of way for the construction of four bridges over College Parkway, Emerson Drive, Northgate Lane and Arrowhead Drive.

The construction site extending from Bonanza Drive at the base of Lakeview Hill to Highway 50 East.

Crews are clearing brush and trees from the area to create roads. Right now they are working mostly between Arrowhead Drive and Northgate Lane.

Large trucks hauling material from north of Bonanza Drive past College Parkway will be crossing seven city streets using the right of way as a road.

Flaggers will control truck crossings at Bonanza Drive, Ruby Lane, Arrowhead Drive, Northgate Lane, Emerson Drive, Hot Springs Road and College Parkway as construction gets under way.

Evans said the company will be putting together a program to take to the schools to help educate children about the dangers of playing in a construction site. Until then, he is asking parents to keep their children from the area.