Couple arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering |

Couple arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering

Staff Reports

A Carson City man and woman, both 19 years old, were arrested Monday on suspicion of breaking into a neighbor’s house.

Joshua Gregory and Alisha Turner were arrested after a neighbor in the 1600 block of Brown Street reported that items were stolen from her residence while she was away Monday afternoon.

According to a police report, Gregory told the victim he would return some items, including a chair. A list of items taken was not available. When Gregory was interviewed by deputies, they detected alcohol and arrested him for being a minor consuming alcohol, according to reports.

Deputies returned to Gregory’s residence and arrested Turner on suspicion of being an accessory to the crime. According to reports, Gregory told investigators Turner entered the residence and watched the theft.

Gregory’s bail is $25,000, while bail for Turner’s is $15,000.