Couple awarded for service to humanity |

Couple awarded for service to humanity

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Carson Sertoma Club President Frank Taylor, right, presents Chris and Darla Bayer with the club's Service to Mankind award.

Frank Taylor, president of the Carson Sertoma Club, presented the Service to Mankind Award to Chris and Darla Bayer at the club’s July meeting.

The award is given to the person or people who provide humanitarian services to the community, especially those that benefit children.

Chris Bayer is the director of CASA, court-appointed special advocates, volunteers who represent abused children in court.

The Bayers have also run the Coyote Puppet Theater for 15 years, a program that teaches children 3-11 to write songs, and encourages them to become involved in summer reading programs at local libraries.

They also work with the BAC Stage Kids, a theater group at the Brewery Arts Center. They emphasize historical themes with outfits and games from times past.

Darla Bayer also teaches a program on arts, pottery, painting and drawing.

The Bayers give historical lectures at the Gold Hill Hotel and often play in their folk band, Wild Sage, for community fundraisers. During the fall and winter, they sponsor monthly contra dances, a pioneer dance for all ages.

Mary Siders, with the Nevada Division of Environmental Safety, called this week after she was hit on her bike at the intersection of Fifth and Carson streets.

Shaken up, but not badly hurt, Siders called to stress the importance of wearing a helmet.

“I’d either be drooling or dead at this point if I hadn’t been wearing mine,” she said.

Despite her accident, she encourages others to ride bikes – as long as they wear helmets. She commutes to work on her bicycle and said she has literally ridden tens of thousands of miles, and this was her first accident.

“There are many health benefits to riding a bicycle,” she said. “It just disturbs me when I see people riding without helmets. It’s like not wearing a seat belt.”

She hopes others will learn from her close call.

“I would like to use this experience in some sort of positive way.”