Couple sought in bloody-mattress incident found |

Couple sought in bloody-mattress incident found

Staff report

Carson City officials have found a man and woman sought by police since blood-soaked bedding and walls were discovered in a room at the Rand Ave. Motel on Wednesday.

Carson City dispatch confirmed that Cynthia Markham, 47, and Steven Martinoni, 50, were discovered Thursday at an unidentified Carson City casino. They are being held for questioning.

According to KTVN-2, Martinoni said that Markham had beaten him up and the blood was his.

Motel manager Misty Jordan said previously that Martinoni and Markham checked into the motel between 7 and 9 p.m. on Tuesday night and paid $38.50 in cash for a night in room 203.

At about 11:20 a.m. Wednesday, a man called from room 203 and said he would be staying another night and to not send up the maid, Jordan said.

She said she commented at the time to her husband that his remark about the maid seemed odd.

“Usually when people stay another night, they want new towels or sheets,” she said.

She described the man’s voice as “nervous.”

“He was talking fast and stuff,” she said.

After a few hours, when she hadn’t seen him or received payment for a second night, Jordan sent the maid up to check the room, and the large blood stain on the mattress and splatter on the walls were discovered. The room was also empty of any sheets and towels and neither the room key nor personal effects were left behind. The sheets were later found in the motel’s Dumpster.

About a week ago, Markham and Martinoni were involved in a domestic dispute at the Carson City Inn, according to police records.

In that case, a caller reported on Nov. 14 both the man and woman were bleeding. Martinoni was detained and released, and Markham was taken into civil protective custody for being intoxicated.

The circumstances of Markham and Martinoni’s detention on Thursday were not available at press time.