Court overturns judge in Gibbons’ weapon records |

Court overturns judge in Gibbons’ weapon records

(AP) – The Nevada Supreme Court says records about Gov. Jim Gibbons’ concealed weapon permit should be released.

The high court Thursday said Washoe District Judge Janet Berry erred when she refused to release documents concerning improper handling of Gibbons’ permit.

It said while weapon permit applications are confidential, the applicant’s identity and any subsequent records of investigation, suspension or revocation are not.

Justices ordered the case back to Berry to redact any personal confidential information before releasing it.

A Reno newspaper sued Washoe County Sheriff Mike Haley to gain access to the records in 2008.

The suit was filed after Gibbons admitted he had given up his permit because he failed to complete the required training for his nine pistols, although he signed an application saying he had.