Cow’s ‘plop’ brings in the green for fundraiser |

Cow’s ‘plop’ brings in the green for fundraiser

Teri Vance

Organizers of this week’s fundraiser at Fremont Elementary School are hoping it turns into a cash cow.

Participants paid $5 for tickets, hoping to turn their investment into the $400 cash prize if the cow “plopped” in their section. The second plop got $200.

Nearly two hours after arriving at the school Friday, however, there still were no cow pies.

“She’s been holding out,” said parent organizer Erin Lehman, who hoped this year’s fundraiser would bring in $5,000.

4-H’er Rachel Andersen brought her cow Bessie, short for Elizabeth, and

Bessie’s calf to the school Friday morning for the Cowabunga Cow Plop annual fundraiser.

Students spent the week learning about agriculture in preparation for meeting Bessie and her calf.

“We like to bring a little bit of Nevada heritage to the educational process during the week,” Lehman said. “It helps get them excited for having a cow here.”

Cookies and milk were promised to the students who best decorated their classroom door. And “moovie” tickets were awarded to the best bawlers during the mooing contest.

Andersen, 14, likes being a part of the festivities.

“This is like the best thing,” she said. “It’s so much fun. People don’t get exposed to livestock anymore.”

Students came outside to meet and pet the cow and her calf. Jeremy Parman, 6, was impressed with their affection toward one another.

“Well, I think they’re kind of nice to each other,” he said.

Jacqueline Casias, 5, preferred the calf.

“I like the baby cow because it’s cute,” she said.

At the end of the day, Andersen chooses a name for the calf from student submissions. Front runners early in the day were Molly Moo and Cocoa Plops.

Makiah McConnons, 5, decided Blueberry would be the best name.

“When it gets older,” she reasoned, “probably it’s going to be blue.”


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