Crowds turn out to make voter registration deadline |

Crowds turn out to make voter registration deadline

More than 100 people crowded the Carson City elections office Tuesday, the deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 4 elections.

Clerk Recorder, Alan Glover said there were more than a dozen in line during peak periods of the day.

Glover said the new voters are “very mixed.”

“I just did a couple and they were Republicans,” he said. “They’re not all Democrats. Independent Americans ” I just had a couple of them, young girls.”

Glover said in his experience, a significant percentage of those who register in person at the elections office will turn out and vote Nov. 4.

“People who come in like this, they normally vote.”

He said the percentage of those who registered during drives conducted by different advocacy organizations who actually turn out is quite a bit lower. But, he added, interest in this year’s presidential election is extremely high and that may not hold this year.

Democrats in particular have been conducting intensive voter registration drives in Nevada this year. Statewide, they now have a lead of more than 76,000 over the Republican Party in total registration, and they have cut the GOP’s lead in even the most Republican of counties.

In Carson City, that amounts to 27,783 as of Oct. 1 and in Douglas County, 31,587. For the capital, that is only about 1,400 more than were registered in 2004. But for Douglas, it’s an increase of more than 4,000.

Early voting opens Saturday statewide.

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