Cycle Pub makes maiden voyage in downtown Carson |

Cycle Pub makes maiden voyage in downtown Carson

Teri Vance
Shannon Litz/Nevada Appeal Robyn Stone drives the Cycle Pub on Curry Street on Friday evening. Owner Mike Ball is debuting the bicycle and pub cross this month in Carson City.

Even before hopping onto the bicycle seat, Monica Cypher was fairly certain she would like the Cycle Pub.

“We already think we want to rent it for one of our friend’s 50th birthdays,” she said. “It’s just something that would be different. It’s a totally new concept, and I love it.”

As its name implies, the Cycle Pub is a cross between a bike and barstool. It seats 12-15 patrons who are responsible for generating the power to keep the pub on the go. A driver – who remains sober – steers and works the brakes.

Owner Mike Ball, who recently purchased the Cycle Pub from a vendor in Bend, Ore., took it out on a maiden voyage Friday to work out a potential route for future customers.

The group started in the parking lot next to Red’s Old 395 on Carson Street, then traveled through downtown Carson City along Curry Street, stopping at popular bars and restaurants along the way.

Pub manager Robyn Stone called out commands as she maneuvered through city streets.

“Punch it,” she shouted, encouraging guests to pedal hard as they merged onto Carson Street. She directed them to “coast” as they approached the first stop of the evening, the Firkin & Fox.

Rider Shelby Sibert was impressed with how easy it was to pedal.

“I could spin on this all day,” she said.

As the party progressed and drinks flowed, the mood became more jovial, with most of the banter about the difficulty of pedaling.

“It seemed like so much fun in the parking lot,” Jed Block said, then urged a passing car to “Call an ambulance, please!” as the driver honked and waved.

Ball said the rolling pub gets attention wherever it goes.

“It’s a parade on wheels,” he said. “Everywhere you go, you have your own personal parade.”

And that suited rider Mike Blasquez just fine.

“I love a parade,” he quipped.

Ball is debuting the Bike Pub in Carson City at the same time Bike Month kicks off.

Food and drinks are not provided, but riders are welcome to bring their own. Guests are also encouraged to bring an iPod, which can be broadcast in the pub.

He said the vehicle works perfectly for wine walks, pub crawls, bachelor or bachelorette parties and other special events.

While the name implies a bar, he said, it doesn’t have to include alcoholic beverages. He said it’s a good tool for office team-building or family get-togethers.

“Everyone has to work together for the same goal,” he said. “You’re having fun and seeing each other in a different light.”

Mike Riggs, who also tried it out Friday night, said he enjoyed the experience.

“You get a little bit of exercise, and you get to drink,” he said. “I don’t think my doctor would like it too much, but maybe.”

And by the end of the evening, Monica Cypher had made up her mind.

“I’m definitely going to rent it now.”

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For more information or to rent the Cycle Pub, call Mike Ball or Robyn Stone at (775) 686-4233 or visit