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DA: Anti-gang meeting a big success

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo says an anti-gang symposium held last week at Stateline was “an amazing success.”

The fourth annual Northern Nevada Gang Symposium was held last Thursday and Friday, drawing about 125 law enforcement officers, probation officials and educators from Nevada and California.

“This year’s symposium was an amazing success,” Rombardo in a statement. “The criminal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs were obviously a big topic, given the violence at Street Vibrations this year. Our regional law enforcement partners in Northern Nevada and Northern California are absolutely committed to continuing the fight against these criminal organizations.”

Rombardo said street gang activity is also on the rise in Northern Nevada.

“Our conference sought to inform law enforcement professionals and members of the education community about the realities of these gangs and the disruptions they are causing in our schools and communities. This is not just about the type of music someone listens to or how they dress. These gangs are about drug dealing, destruction of property and violence, including sexual violence. We cannot let up our efforts to suppress this criminal activity.” 

The first gang symposium was held in Carson City in 2008 after the National District Attorney’s Association selected Carson City as one of six communities nationwide to receive its Gang Response Model Grant.

The grant, sought by the Carson City District Attorney’s Office, led to the creation of the Gang Response, Intervention, Prevention, and Suppression program, or GRIPS. 

For more information about GRIPS, call the District Attorney’s Office at (775) 887-2072.