Dance to the music of Don and Nadine Klestinski |

Dance to the music of Don and Nadine Klestinski

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

By Jane Lehrman

Silver and Sage coordinator

Don and Nadine Klestinski are a popular couple who play and sing for the local senior dances, casino showrooms, weddings, anniversaries – you name it. Nadine plays the electric bass guitar and Don plays the electric guitar and sometimes accordion.

They have been in the business for a long time. Don said he has played since he was in junior high at age 14 and then played in bands in road houses and bars.

Nadine came from a musical family and started strumming at the age of seven. Her dad and brother taught her, but she later started an all-girl band in Loveland, Colo.

Now the two musical artists are featured in casinos, at senior center dances, conventions, local clubs and weddings.

Going way back, their lives sound like a movie plot. Don came through Loveland and Nadine went to hear his band.

“Two years later we were married,” Nadine teased. “We moved to Montana and I was forced to learn bass.”

They started using a rhythm box and were playing dances within the month. Now the two have been a team for 32 years.

Don earned his way through college playing in bands and became a school psychologist.

“I still play the same guitar I played on the road,” he said.

Nadine still is employed at NDOT, but Don is retired from Washoe County School District as a psychologist.

The couple has four grown children – two boys and two girls. Their musical talent was passed on to their grandchildren.

“Shelby is a singer and Daniel is a natural and learning guitar,” Nadine said. “One grandchild has a big voice and loves to be in musical shows.”

They do not have a set repertoire and tend to go with the group of the evening.

“Our idea is to entertain,” Don said.

“Maybe for a senior group we do half oldies and then do popular dance tunes and song requests.”

They are known for their vocals and memorize all their numbers.

“We don’t use cheat notes and I program our rhythm and backing on my computer,” said Don.

“We don’t advertise – we are known by word of mouth. We did do some radio promos, but word of mouth is better. Mostly couples come to our senior dances, but some singles come. We do what is requested and cater to what audiences want. We have noticed at weddings the young cater more to the elder choices earlier in the evening and then get more relaxed later on.”

“Senior dances are so nice,” Nadine added.

“Everyone is dressed up and comes to dance. We especially enjoy class reunions, too.”

A good way to get some exercise is to join this delightful couple in an evening of dance at a senior center or at some of their other performances.

For information, visit or call Don and Nadine at 883-1051.