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Dare spurred interest in man’s capture

by Maggie O'Neill

A Gardnerville man who described himself to a U.S. marshal as “pretty crafty” and dared police to find him was arrested Wednesday evening at the 7-Eleven at the intersection of Highway 395 and Riverview Drive.

Marcel Choux, 34, also known as Aric Marcel Cevant, is listed as one of Washington State Patrol’s 10 most wanted fugitives. He is being held in Douglas County Jail without bail waiting extradition.

U.S. Marshal Brad Albro and colleagues followed Choux from his Gardnerville Ranchos home about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and “boxed him in” at the 7-Eleven after Choux pulled into a parking space. He was arrested at gunpoint.

Choux is charged with vehicular assault in Kitsap County, Wash., for severely injuring two of three passengers on Dec. 10, 2000, after he failed to make a curve while driving while intoxicated. He reportedly drove off a road and hit a tree.

After Albro, on March 23, told Choux, who contacted him by phone, that he planned to find him and arrest him, Choux reportedly said: “I understand you have to do your job. You can try. You’re going to have to find me and I won’t make it easy. I’m pretty crafty.”

Choux did not make it hard. He was quoted in a Record-Courier article Feb. 25, 2004, about a Gardnerville Ranchos bar and grill that changed its name, changed its menu, and hired a new chef – named Marcel Choux.

According to Choux’s statements in that article, the 34-year-old grew up in Carson Valley, leaving in 1986 to pursue culinary dreams. He said he worked in Hawaii, Montreal, Canada, and Seattle as a chef at McCormicks and Schmick restaurants.

Washington State Patrol asked for U.S. marshal assistance in locating Choux, who fled the state during the vehicular assault investigation, and worked as a car salesman under the name Aric Cevant.

Albro, who works at the Reno office of the U.S. marshals, said the agency serves more warrants each year than those combined by other federal law enforcement agencies. Choux would not have warranted notice by the U.S. marshals, but for his dare.

“He wouldn’t otherwise service the attention of the U.S. marshals except for the fact he said we couldn’t find him,” Albro said.

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