Dayton’ Friends of Library need more volunteers |

Dayton’ Friends of Library need more volunteers

nancy dallas

DAYTON – A dedicated group of volunteers supporting Dayton’s county branch library is fearful its dwindling numbers will put an eventual end to its efforts.

The Dayton Valley Friends of the Library, through tireless fund-raising and campaigning efforts, played a major role in the process leading to the long-awaited construction of the new Dayton library facility. The group continues to raise funds for library books and other needed materials and support the weekly children’s story hour on Wednesdays. However, with the active membership becoming smaller, Friends supporters are asking the community to bring some new blood to their labors.

Dayton Valley Friends of the Library Board Chairman Linda Clements said, “We need help. We are a hardworking group, but many of our members have been involved for a long time and are getting elderly. Others have recently passed away. We need new volunteers so we can divide up our duties more and keep on doing what we are doing.”

Clements brought membership forms to a recent Dayton Regional Advisory Council meeting to be handed out to interested residents.

“We do a lot of things for the community and appreciate any kind of help we can find,” she said. “Don’t worry, we will find a place for you. Those who volunteer can determine how much time they want to give.”

Dayton’s representative on the Lyon County Library Board of Trustees Joe Devlin praised the contributions volunteers make to the system.

“The library system could not exist as it is today without the volunteers and the various ‘friends’ groups. It is a very worthwhile thing our people are doing,” he said.

The Friends of the Dayton Valley Library meet on the third Tuesday of each month at the Dayton Library. For information, call 246-6212.