Dayton kids have a few jitters heading back to school |

Dayton kids have a few jitters heading back to school

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer
Chad Lundquist/Nevada Appeal Brice Bachler, 6, listens to his mom, Valerie, on Monday as she tells him which bus he needs to take home from the first day of school at Dayton Elementary.

Miss Kim Crow’s first-grade class got down to business Monday with a rhyme.

“Remember, when I say, ‘One, two,’ everyone say ‘Eyes on you’, and look at me,” she told the 20 students who made it to school the first day.

When she said “one, two,” the kids repeated as instructed, and 40 eager eyes peered up at their new teacher, who started taking attendance before the little ones’ attention strayed.

The first day of school at Dayton Elementary found the kids a little nervous as they struggled with backpacks and finding their seats.

Getting the children situated pushed the class a little past the 8:45 a.m. start time, with the arrivals of a few stragglers. But it didn’t take long for them to sit down to their first assignment – coloring with pencils and markers.

The 6-year-olds weren’t the only ones in class who were apprehensive. Marisa Terado, 23, is teaching her very first class.

“I’m very excited, but a little nervous,” she admitted as she passed out name tags during attendance.

Terado moved to Dayton a month ago from Washington state. She will be working with two more experienced teachers this year, easing the burden of crowded classrooms.

“We were supposed to have 18 students, but we’ll actually have 22,” Crow said.

Dayton Elementary had 588 students enrolled on Monday.

Two new schools are under construction: in Dayton and in Fernley, but they aren’t open yet. An as-yet-unnamed school in the Riverpark section of Dayton will open in 2007, and East Valley in Fernley will open in a few weeks, according to Sean Moyle, Lyon County School District’s associate superintendent for human resources.

He said about 500 students are expected at East Valley, and more students will join the district than had registered by the first day.

“We are definitely up, no question about that,” Moyle said.

After writing their names on their finished coloring assignment, the children sat cross-legged on the floor in front of Miss Crow as she read to them from “First-Day Jitters.”

“For those of you who aren’t nervous, I admire you,” she said.

Other students looked forward to the new school year.

Fifth-grader Taylor Ingersoll, 10, plans to play basketball this year, and looks forward to math class.

“I love math,” she said. “I like division and multiplication. It’s fun, and you can learn more.”

Taylor’s mom, Kathy Ingersoll, a teacher’s aide, is also upbeat.

“I love the kids,” she said. “I miss them when they’re gone. It’s fun to see how much they’ve grown.”

Jesse Wilson was grumbling a little about going back to school, saying he only liked P.E.

“You get to bounce on bouncy balls,” the second-grader said.

His dad, Jeff, who brought along 2-year-old daughter Kiah Marie, wasn’t thrilled either.

“It means I’ll be late for work every day,” he said with a smile, but added that his boss is sympathetic to the situation.

At Dayton Intermediate, Victoria Van Winkle, 18, brought her brother, sixth-grader Dallas, 12, to Dayton Intermediate School.

His goal is to keep getting straight A’s, he said. He likes school because “you get to be with all your friends.”

Jeff Medrano was one of many fathers bringing their kids to the first day of school.

His son, Tyler, 11, in the sixth grade, just transferred from Carson City. Tyler also likes math best, as well as science.

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By the numbers

Students enrolled in Lyon County 2006/07:


• Dayton Elementary – 588

• Sutro Elementary – 585

• Dayton Intermediate – 638

• Dayton High – 715

Silver Springs

• Silver Springs Elementary – 389

• Silver Stage Middle – 423

• Silver Stage High – 400


• Cottonwood Elementary – 701

• Fernley Elementary – 551

• Fernley Intermediate – 833

• Fernley High – 883

Smith Valley

• Smith Valley School (K-12) – 245


• Yerington Elementary – 495

• Yerington Intermediate – 433

• Yerington High – 470