Dayton man shot self at Mills Park |

Dayton man shot self at Mills Park

F.T. Norton

A Dayton man who was found last week inside his vehicle at Mills Park barely conscious and with a large gunshot wound to his leg shot himself, an investigator said Wednesday.

Carson City Sheriff’s Detective Dave Legros said that as soon as the 32-year-old man was conscious and able to explain what happened, he admitted he was unloading his .45 Long Colt handgun when he accidentally shot himself.

Police were called out to the Seely Loop side of Mills Park on March 7 about

7 p.m. after the man’s two friends, who he was meeting for dinner, found him bleeding profusely inside his car. Also found in the car was the man’s German shepherd, which was unharmed.

Initially police were concerned someone else shot the man, but after finding the weapon and spent bullet casing in the vehicle, they began to suspect the wound was self-inflicted.

The large-caliber bullet entered the outside of his right leg and exited his calf.

He was in no condition at the time to speak to anyone, said Legros.

The man underwent surgery to repair the extensive damage, and is recovering, said Legros.