Derby concedes race to Heller |

Derby concedes race to Heller

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Democrat Jill Derby Wednesday conceded the race for Congressional District 2 to Dean Heller, thanking her family, friends, staff and supporters for their efforts to beat the first-term Republican incumbent.

With 100 percent of the district’s precincts reporting, Heller won the race by a margin of 33,725 ” more than three times his victory margin over Derby two years ago.

“I also want to acknowledge Congressman Dean Heller for a hard-fought race,” she said.

“This is a pivotal time for our country as we face many challenges,” she said. President-elect Barack Obama is a voice for change, a voice that will bring a brighter future for all Americans.”

She said she looks forward to continuing public service and working for Nevadans.

The second congressional district covers all of Nevada and a small portion of Clark County, home to the other two congressional districts in the state.

Derby started the night well with leads in Washoe County and in the small portion of Clark County, courtesy of Democrat-dominated early voting. But she knew the rural counties would back Heller and that she had to make up the difference in Washoe and Clark.

But as the election day balloting was tabulated, the lead in Clark fell from 3,000 to just 300. The early lead in Washoe melted away and finished with Heller leading by 1,754, while the rural counties went for Heller by an average of better than 2 to 1.

At the end of the night, he claimed 169,636 votes to her 135,911.

No Democrat has ever won that seat since it was created after the 1980 Census.

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