Development Authority recruits, retains, expands |

Development Authority recruits, retains, expands

Ron Weisinger is executive director of the Northern Nevada Development Authority.

Ron Weisinger is executive director of the Northern Nevada Development Authority. The authority is responsible for recruitment, retention and expansion of business and industry in Northern Nevada. As executive director, Weisinger’s job is to manage those three things. For more information, e-mail

What do you believe is the most pressing issue facing Northern Nevada businesses?

The most pressing issue facing Nevada is to continue to provide an environment and atmosphere conducive for economic growth and sustainability.

What components help a business succeed?

Components that assist a business to succeed are capitalization, management, a trained work force and an environment conducive to allowing business to work.

What mission is NNDA trying to accomplish?

NNDA’s mission is quite simple. It is the premier economic development organization for four counties: Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Storey.

It is responsible to its members, all four counties and the citizens of those counties to recruit, retain, and help expand businesses and industries.

It is a facilitator, more than anything. It’s dependent upon the chambers of commerce (there are eight of them in our service area), private for-profit business and industry, nonprofits, local government and the residents of Northern Nevada to do its job. It’s a harmonious relationship.

How did you get here (to Nevada, to this job)? Why? I’ve been involved in domestic and international economic development for 25 years. I’ve always been the trailing spouse, selling our house and moving the family. At times my wife used to say, “I was the best wife she has ever had.”

When Donna got recruited to come to Northern Nevada, it was a dream come true. We love this place and will stay here forever. Where else can you have four distinct seasons, none of which are severe? Great weather, good people, no humidity and that great Western attitude of laissez faire.

Gee, maybe I’m in the wrong business, and I should go to work for the tourist and convention agencies!

Closing thought: Northern Nevada Development Authority is a nonprofit organization. It is funded by the state, counties and cities. But its principal funding comes from the dollars received from its membership.

NNDA supports business and industry by doing its thing: recruitment, retention, expansion.