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Dig at Charles Manson ranch in Inyo delayed

Associated Press

INDEPENDENCE, Calif. ” Law enforcement officials have postponed deciding whether to dig at the ranch where Charles Manson once lived in Death Valley National Park.

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Department was considering a dig for more possible victims of the Manson family at Barker Ranch after a team of researchers found suspected unmarked graves there in February.

Manson and his followers retreated to Barker Ranch after a 1969 killing spree in Los Angeles.

But officials have put off the decision because a piece of high-tech soil testing equipment was damaged en route to the site. They wanted to conduct tests, using lasers that can literally make bones “glow,” before disturbing the soil.

The sheriff’s department now says they plan to have a decision by May 9.

Independence, Calif., is three hours south of Carson City.


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