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Disillusioned divorcees find years of happiness together

Carson City

Two disillusioned divorcees both bought a Valentine and forgot to send it!

George called me Valentine’s Day morning. He said “Say – I got you a Valentine and forgot to mail it.” I said, “That’s funny. I did the same thing. I forgot to mail yours.” He said, “Well, do you want to go out to dinner or something?” I said, “I can’t tonight, I’ve been going to the Cancer Society Quit Smoking class and we graduate tonight. I get my ‘I.Q.’ pin for my four weeks of not smoking.” He said, “Can I go with you?” I said, “I guess so. We are just going to have some cookies and punch and get our certificates and pins. That won’t take long.”

So that’s how the most romantic, exciting and fulfilling years of my life began.

We both had been disillusioned by marriage. We were busy, working, had lots of friends and activities in our lives and really weren’t aware of any other needs for attention.However, after several months of growing intimacy we were married by my minister’s daughter at his daughter’s home in the presence of our children and grandchildren.

That Valentine’s Day was 1978. George was 65. I was 61.

We had 28 years together. He designed and built radio-controlled model racing boats and raced them.

He was invited to Japan by Mr. Suzuki to sell him some designs. We went to Japan, were wined and dined and sold two model boat designs and got hooked on traveling in cruise ships.

We spent 20 of our 28 years together on cruises in the Pacific, from Vladwastak to Vavau, China, Thailand, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Auckland, Borneo, Penang, places I have forgotten until I look at pictures.

The Mediterranean, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, London, all were usually made near or on Valentine’s Day or George’s birthday, March 14.

He passed on March 23, nine days after his 81st birthday.

I never heard him say “no.” His answer always “whatever makes you happy.” I said, “Don’t you know better than to say that to a woman? Didn’t your mama tell you?” He said, “You would never do anything to hurt me. I know that.” He was so right.

My beloved Valentine.

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