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District boundaries in Dayton, unlawful signs discussed

by staff

DAYTON – Historic district boundaries and unlawful signs will be the center of discussion at Monday’s Comstock Historic District Commission meeting.

In addition, a commissioner has promised final settlement of the controversy surrounding the elimination of an historic sign from a local business.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Dayton Community Center with discussion of changes in Dayton’s historic district boundaries. The meeting is being held in Dayton to provide residents the opportunity for public comment. No official action on boundary changes will be taken until a later date.

Included on the 7 p.m. business agenda will be discussion and possible action against several local businesses that are displaying advertising signs that have not received the required approval from the historic commission. District guidelines require that all exterior advertising receive a certificate of appropriateness before being posted.

Businesses can be “red tagged” if they do not comply with district regulations.

Another more prominent sign issue may also meet final resolution.

Commissioner Bob Milz told residents at Tuesday’s advisory council meeting that the “Odeon Hall sign issue will be resolved one way or another” at Monday’s meeting.

In September the historic commission gave the owners of Mia’s Swiss Restaurant 60 days to repaint the “Odeon Hall & Saloon” sign on the exterior wall of their historic building. The sign has yet to be restored. The commission postponed taking action at the December meeting when it was reported the owners had new information and needed more time to prepare a proposal for the board.

The sign, on the building since at least 1907, was obliterated when the building was being repainted in July.

For information regarding historic district issues call 847-0281.