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District court judge won’t accept ‘maybe plea’

FALLON (AP) – “Maybe” doesn’t cut it in one Nevada judge’s courtroom.

A 24-year-old Fallon man accused of sexual assault and lewdness told District Judge Leon Aberasturi he had “no idea” when asked on Tuesday how he intended to plead to the charges that carry up to a life prison sentence.

The suspect, Justin Mathis, then shrugged his shoulders and said, “I guess I’ll plead guilty.”

But the judge wouldn’t have it. He continued the case a week and told him, “I can’t take maybe, sort of, kind of. You either plead guilty or you don’t.”

Mathis is accused of sexually assaulting and fondling a 13-year-old girl last summer. The judge said if he can’t make up his mind by next week, he’ll enter a not guilty plea on his behalf.